Application of Decal


IMPORANT INFORMATION - Please be aware before you start

If you have painted your walls within the last 8 weeks or have ‘washable’ wall paint, then this WILL affect the decal. Decals cannot stick effectively on newly painted walls and will peel instantly. Decals will take off paint from washable walls when you remove.

It is useful to know that the stick on the vinyl is activated by heat. If you have stored your vinyl in a cool or cold place or are putting it somewhere cold, it may struggle to stick. Try using a hairdryer to warm up the vinyl before use. Don’t overuse the hairdryer, though, you don’t want to set fire to your purchase!

Some decals may have a few bubbles within the application tape or a small crease. This is either due to them being hand crafted or excess movement whilst in transit but will not affect the decal at all.

Lastly, every care has been taken with your decal and full instructions are given but I cannot 100% guarantee no issues at all. Very occasionally issues do arise, but I will always endeavour to help, should you need me.

Make sure your decal is flat before you begin.

Uncurl it from the tube and leave it out to lie flat for a while.

Ensure the area is clean and dry before application. If there is any dirt or dust this will cause the vinyl to have problems sticking.

Decide where you are going to place your decal.

Cut out your decal, if necessary, and place with masking tape.

Do not stick it down until you are happy with its position. They can only be removed but not reused.

Applying to glass can be a bit tricky. You can use water and a little washing up liquid to help move the decal into position before taking the application tape away. If you use this method, please ensure that before taking the application tape away you have left the decal to completely dry.

Slowly take the tape off at a 45-degree angle.

Preparing your decals for final application

Run a squeegee or credit card over the decal one more time. This is done to ensure the decal is stuck to the application tape.

Your decal should be stuck on the surface (with masking tape) with the application tape on the top and the backing paper underneath.

Carefully remove the backing paper. Your decal will then be able to stick on the wall as you go. You can use a credit card to ensure it goes on flawlessly. Peel away slowly and carefully.

You should now have your decal on the wall with the application tape still attached.

Take the credit card or squeegee and rub again on the decal to ensure it now sticks to the wall.

Very slowly and carefully start to peel the adhesive tape back at a 45-degree angle. STOP, if any part of the decal remains on the adhesive tape as you go. Push it back down and rub firmly before trying again. In some cases, this may take a few attempts but be patient.

You can also take the entire decal off the backing tape before you start and place it immediately on your surface if you prefer but you may find it tricky (larger scale) to ensure there are no lumps, bumps and bubbles.