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English Literature is Like A Flying Fish

English Literature is Like A Flying Fish

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This decal displays an artistic array of open books, with pages flying out that morph into the silhouette of a flying fish, all around the quote by E.M Forster "English Literature is a Flying Fish'. This is a creative visual metaphor for the transformative and liberating power of literature, suggesting that through reading and education, one can transcend boundaries and explore new realms, much like a flying fish that breaks free from the water into the air.

Such a decal would be an excellent addition to a classroom wall or corridor of a school or educational institute. It serves as a visual inspiration to students, emphasizing the imaginative and expansive nature of literature. It's a reminder that education can elevate thoughts and ideas, allowing them to soar. Furthermore, featuring a quote from a notable author like E.M. Forster adds an element of literary heritage and encourages students to delve into the works of classic authors. This decal can spark curiosity, motivate literary exploration, and create a stimulating learning environment.

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